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Advantages to becoming a SpacialNet Broadcaster

Pipe. Bandwidth. Stream Hosting. Call it whatever you want, you have a lot of people willing to sell it to you.
What are the advantages of being SpacialNet Broadcaster? LOTS!

It's FREE!

You do not have to buy stream hosting to get a SpacialNet broadcaster account.
You can enjoy many of the benefits by simply completing the online signup process.


We don't just sell stream hosting - we connect you to a robust streaming community.
Through our very popular forums and discussion lists, you can collaborate about streaming projects, industry news or other technology.


Reach more listeners by getting listed on AudioRealm.
Take advantage of free station statistics, Popup player code and other elements to enhance your station website.


Handy tools and resources broadcasters need - right at your fingertips.
Bandwidth tests, Port tests, Port forwarding, IP detection, Bandwidth/Transfer calculators - you get the idea!


Through our streaming admin panel, you control your stream. You do not have to wait to get a bill or contact anyone to pay your account.
You can even add streams all through the convenience of your web based admin panel or make any changes to your account in real-time.


We are not only a leading stream hosting company, through Spacial we are also the leader in online radio/audio software.
We seriously eat and live online media; we know what we are doing and only employ the industry's best.


Since we also create some of the industry leading online broadcasting software solutions - you can count on our stream hosting solutions working flawlessly with all the broadcasting software available from Spacial.
Our services of course also fully support other popular broadcasting software solutions.


Live, On-demand, DualCast, Archived, PUSH, PULL, Relay, MP3, mp3PRO, Windows Media (Audio and Video), NSV, aacPlus, SHOUTcast,
Windows Media Server - at SpacialNet we provide you with the best possible choice in online streaming technologies.

And finally...


All of the other advantages are unimportant if your stream and product is inconsistent and buffering. Our servers and streams are rock solid....period.

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