Online Radio Listing

AudioRealm is Spacial’s own radio directory. It features about 2,500 active stations and tracks millions of listeners every day. When you purchase a stream hosting plan with SpacialNet, you automatically get listed on AudioRealm’s directory for free.


AudioRealm boasts over 2,500 active online radio stations, and tracks millions of listeners who tune in each day from various sources.

Web Integration

We make it easy for your online listeners to find you and tune in. Send them directly to your AudioRealm profile, where they can launch the media player to hear your station. If you have your own website, use HTML/PHP templates to integrate a pop-up player.

Listener Statistics

AudioRealm lets you know exactly what’s going on and when, either on a daily or monthly basis. Find out how many people are listening to you at any given time. See who added you to their favorites, or how many people put you on a preset list.


Our Facebook and Twitter pages combined have thousands of followers, so you can connect with other radio DJs and listeners. We also use our social networks to promote our radio stations every day.
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