Music broadcast licensing

In most countries broadcasting music online may require one or more licenses. We have compiled a list of entities and resources that will hopefully assist you in making sure your station is fully covered.
ASCAP - The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
We realize that as technology changes and users' expectations of on-line music grow, ASCAP must continue to be a leader in Internet licensing. Accordingly, we are pleased to announce two new versions of our widely used Internet license agreements: Non-Interactive 5.0 for non-interactive sites and services; and Interactive 2.0 for interactive sites and services.

BMI - Broadcast Music, Inc.
BMI became the first music industry organization to embrace the internet as a new venue for the uses of BMI affiliated music when we signed our first internet license in 1995. Since that time BMI created innovative new ways to manage copyrights for the digital world. BMI's innovations include The Digital Licensing Center, the first end to end automated online licensing system, and our automated music use reporting and digital fee payment systems. Today BMI serves nearly 3,700 different websites and digital music offerings using BMI affiliated music.

SESAC - Society of European Stage Authors and Composers
Performing rights organizations, such as SESAC, are businesses designed to represent songwriters and publishers and their right to be compensated for having their music performed in public. By securing a license from SESAC, for example, music users (i.e., television and radio stations, auditoriums, restaurants, hotels, theme parks, malls, etc.) can legally play any song in the SESAC repertory. Without a license from a performing rights organization, music users are in danger of copyright infringement.

SoundExchange, Inc. is a dynamic, 501(c)(6) nonprofit performance rights organization embodying hundreds of recording companies and thousands of artists united in receiving fair compensation for the licensing of their music in the new and ever-expanding digital world. Modern technology makes all of our lives a little bit simpler and SoundExchange takes full advantage of its accuracy and efficiency to license, collect and distribute public performance revenues for sound recording copyright owners (SRCOs) and artists for noninteractive digital transmissions on cable, satellite and webcast services.